Web addresses for publications & abstracts for clinical research of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice

Human Studies

Specific studies
TNJ athlete endurance and antioxidant effects:

TNJ cholesterol & triglyceride reduction in smokers:

TNJ & cervical spondylosis:

TNJ & immune function & antioxidant activity in healthy subjects:

Human safety study of TNJ: 3841.2006.00164.x

TNJ reduces aromatic DNA adducts in smokers:

TNJ reduces MDA-DNA adducts in smokers:{C9ADCEF2-C9A3-4D02-922B- 1982DDD964AF}&MKey={E3F4019C-0A43-4514-8F66-B86DC90CD935}&AKey={728BCE9C-121B-46B9- A8EE-DC51FDFC6C15}&SKey={2C920D5B-ABFF-48AE-87CD-2A02FF72788B}

TNJ reduces LPO & SAR in smokers (brief prelim report in the 2002 review):

TNJ benefits in post-menopausal women:

General noni clinical – not TNJ specific Noni fruit extract improves quality of life in cancer patients:

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