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The excellence of the 1st generation leaders of our team is summarized below in these excerpts from the 4/25/19 Tribute blog post of Kelly Olsen, Founder, Former President & current Chief Commercial Officer of New Age (Morinda's Parent Company).

Kelly Olsen (center) is the only remaining member of the five original founders of Morinda Inc. He stated:

I was part of a group that founded Morinda in 1996. The first two calls I made were to Ken Roland and Floyd Holdman... Ken and Floyd became the two largest legs in Morinda with approximately 75% of all business running through these two legs.

Floyd immediately asked me to do a three-way call with John Bentley. I was excited, but I knew he was very involved with another company. We flew him to Salt Lake City and Floyd picked him up. We arranged for Floyd to drive into our warehouse which was then located in Lindon, Utah, and shut the garage door before John exited the car. It was very "hush, hush."

Instantly, John made the decision to join Morinda, and become Floyd's chief building partner. As you may know, we started our company with eight IPC leaders whom we called the President's Team. John (along with Floyd) was one of those eight top leaders. John's contribution to building Morinda cannot be overstated.

When I consider all the leaders John recruited and trained-stretching from the U.S., to Canada, to Europe and Asia-I can't help but feel it is a testament to his power and influence. John truly created a global dynamic business that is still so strong today!...

The passing of John Bentley brought back to my thought that the true miracle of Morinda was the coming together of so many amazing, talented and hard-working leaders. It was never a one-person project, or even a five-person project. These early and great networking leaders formed the foundation of our global network, and ultimately they made us who we are today…

John & Lori Bentley quickly enrolled Steve & Peggy Steggell, III Diamond Black Pearl
Within three months of Co start, they enrolled Pat & Dorothy Patterson, III Diamond Black Pearl.
In 1998 they enrolled long time friends Dave (D 7/2007) & Gay Brittain, II Diamond Black Pearl.
A few months later they enrolled, Sue Prosnak, Diamond Pearl Elite.

Now with the foundations paved for a smooth road ahead and a new vehicle of publicly traded company New AGE as the new (Dec 2018)parent company of Morinda, we have entered a new era of unprecedented opportunity for the next generation of Millionaires! You can be one of our new success stories!

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