The Morinda Story

The Morinda Story started in 1994 with the discovery of the most remarkable medicinal plant on earth, traditionally used by islanders for over 2000 years.

The word Morinda means noni. Morinda is dedicated to bring the best noni juice with the highest quality of iridoids to you.

From thousands of years practical use, now confirmed by science, discover the benefits of how elements of the Morinda citrifolia plant, juice, seed and leaf, can enhance your life. Morinda is dedicated to helping you live a healthier and longer life drinking their healthy juices.


This brand represents Morinda's classic product. These products are favorites year after year, for a good reason—each of them contain Tahitian noni as an ingredient. That's the strength of this line.

All products in the Tahitian Noni brand contain noni fruit. Noni's scientific name is Morinda citrofolia. Natives of French Polynesia have used this fruit for centuries to support their health. Its benefits extend from supporting joint health, to aiding the immune system, to helping your skin heal and be healthful.

This is Morinda's flagship product and the power of TNJ lies in those iridoids. Iridoids are naturally occurring compounds produced by plants for defense or immunity and they can play an important role in human health too. Noni is an iridoid powerhouse. Although blueberry was originally included for its taste along with grape, it was later discovered that it has one type of iridoid too. The exact recipe for making TNJ is a secret, but you can be certain that each time you drink TNJ you're getting the best noni there is! Drinking 2 oz. of TNJ each day helps protect against AGE, support the immune system, increase energy, and improve endurance. One serving of TNJ contains 30 mg of iridoids. Building on hundreds of independent studies of the noni fruit, TNJ is validated by more than a dozen human clinical studies and is a powerful ally in today's stressful world.

Tahitian Noni Juice is loaded with more than 270 nutrients, including various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Initial studies indicate Tahitian Noni Juice supports normal blood-sugar metabolism.
Tahitian Noni Juice is listed in the Physician's Desk Reference for Non-Prescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements and Herbs.
Tahitian Noni Juice has been proven to be a safe, healthy food for human consumption.
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